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See CompeteAI in Action

Watch how CompeteAI analyzes your competitor's strategy and provides actionable insights to give you the edge.

Simplify Your Competitor Analysis

Traditional CI Software Challenges

  • Complex, expensive pricing plans
  • Time-consuming demos and onboarding
  • Feature overload and data overwhelm
  • Steep learning curve for analysis

CompeteAI's Streamlined Approach

  • Simple, one-time pricing per competitor
  • Instant access with rapid results
  • Streamlined analysis in minutes
  • Clear, actionable visual comparisons

How CompeteAI Works

Get in-depth competitor analysis in four simple steps

Enter URLs

Input your website URL and the competitor's URL you want to analyze.

AI-Powered Data Collection

Our AI scans and collects comprehensive data on your competitor, including products, features, headlines, and even a current website screenshot.

Generate Detailed Report

CompeteAI compiles all the gathered information, including the latest news, into a comprehensive competitor analysis report.

Access Your Insights

View the report directly in the app or download it as a PDF for offline analysis and sharing.

Visual Comparison

See how HeadshotPro and HeadshotsByAI stack up against each other

HeadshotPro Website



  • Warm and inviting color palette
  • Prominent social proof (AI headshots created)
  • Clear CTA at the top of the page
  • Competitive pricing claim (10x less than physical shoot)
  • Customer reviews section
  • Wide variety of backdrops and clothing options


  • Less emphasis on the process steps
HeadshotsByAI Website



  • Cool, professional color palette (blue and purple tones)
  • Counter for headshots created
  • Clear three-step process explanation
  • Well-defined pricing packages (Basic, Standard, Premium)
  • Straightforward navigation


  • Lack of customer testimonials
  • Less emphasis on personalization options

CompeteAI in Action

Gain a competitive edge with our AI-powered insights and stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends.

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AI-Generated Insights

Market Positioning

  • Convenient and cost-effective solution
  • Emphasis on advanced AI technology
  • Photorealistic results in hours

Why We Win

  • Greater variety of customization options
  • Faster turnaround time (2 hours vs 3-12 hours)
  • More flexible pricing for larger teams

How They Win

  • Emphasis on photorealistic results
  • Simple pricing with one-time payment options
  • Higher number of headshots per package

Competitor Strengths

  • Photorealistic results
  • Simple pricing model
  • Higher quantity of headshots per package

Competitor Weaknesses

  • Less variety of customization options
  • Longer turnaround time
  • Less flexible pricing for larger teams

Identified Threats

  • Photorealistic results attract quality-focused customers
  • Higher headshot quantity appeals to value-seekers

Simple, Transparent Pricing

Get comprehensive competitor analysis at an unbeatable price.



One-time purchase for comprehensive analysis and reports.

  • Analysis of competitor website design
  • Latest news report about your competitor
  • Sales battle cards
  • Your advantages against them
  • Competitor positioning, strengths, and weaknesses
  • Identified threats to your business

Frequently Asked Questions

Can't find the answer you're looking for? Our founder is here to help!

How long does the analysis take?
Our AI-powered system generates comprehensive reports in under a minute, providing you with quick insights to stay ahead of your competition.
Can I analyze multiple competitors?
Absolutely! You can analyze as many competitors as you need. Each analysis requires a separate purchase, giving you the flexibility to focus on your most important rivals.
Is there a subscription required?
No, we don't require any subscriptions. You only pay for the competitors you want to analyze, making our service cost-effective and adaptable to your needs.
What information do I need to provide?
Simply provide the website URL of your competitor. You can optionally add or edit the fetched data for a more tailored analysis, ensuring you get the most relevant insights.

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